May Book Haul

Oh hey, what do you know? I was actually reasonable with my book buying in May.

May was kind of a sucky month for me ngl. I’m all about positivity and spreading light, so I don’t want this post to take a pessimistic turn. All I will say is that books were a huge comfort for me this month. I didn’t particularly feel the urge to buy new books, and instead focused on some self-love/care by focusing on my owned books, library, and subscription services.

So without further ado, here are the fun gems that made my month a little brighter:

The Bride Test – An anticipated companion to Hoang’s popular debut The Kiss Quotient. In this novel we follow Kai, a man diagnosed with high spectrum autism, as his mother sets him up in a forced living arrangement with a woman named Esme. Esme has come all the way from Vietnam in the hopes of falling in love with Kai, so she can guarantee a better life for her daughter and her in America.

On The Come Up- This follows Bri a sixteen-year-old who’s got a burning passion to become a successful rapper. The problem? She lives in a world where the “big” people want her to feed into harmful stereotypes, and she doesn’t seem to have the means, whether in economic status or experience, to afford to say no.

With The Fire On High – The Black Latinx representation of our dreams. This book follows Emoni as she struggles to dream, and make those dreams a reality, while still taking care of the daughter she had freshman year.

Well that’s it! Hopefully I’m able to be a little more perky and sunshiney for next month’s haul :p

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