I feel compelled to say that yes I did LIKE this book. However, I did not LOVE this book, which I must admit part of me hoped and thought I would. 

It’s a great concept and definitely a creative twist in narration, but at the same time part of me felt detached from the story because of the narration choice. I couldn’t connect with Kady much, because she never quite became three-dimensional for me. Also, I think it’s hard to build an engaging romance through what is essentially just IM messages, so the romance fell a bit short too. Finally, I felt like the plot dragged at times. Maybe this was due to the frequent countdowns that made the reader feel like some sort of ending was coming; only for that ending to be repeatedly renewed with another countdown. 

Overall, it was a good book it just wasn’t as great as the hype surrounding it led me to believe.

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