The Uglies Trilogy by Scott Westerfeld

Welcome to the rollercoaster that is my short reviews for each installment in the series!

Book One Uglies: I enjoyed this more than I thought I would! It is by no means extraordinary or groundbreaking, but I think the fact that I had such low expectations made me enjoy it for what it is.

Book 2 Pretties : I thought the first installment was okay, way better than my low expectations, but this one was barely okay. Most of the plot either dragged or felt unnecessary, and the only interesting parts come to play at the very end of the novel. Overall, Pretties was not as fun or to my liking as Uglies. 

Book 3 Specials : Okay, so now I get why this trilogy doesn’t get nice reviews. Uglies for me was okay and even slightly entertaining, Pretties was average without the entertainment, and Specials was just–it just was not good. It seems like Westerfeld pretty much recycled the plot for book one with every succeeding book in the trilogy, and after a while everything just gets old and boring. I seriously contemplated DNFing the third book, in hindsight I probably should have, but I just felt like I was already so far in to leave it unread.

Overall, it’s kind of sad how apathetic I grew toward the characters with every new volume :/

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