Review: Dark Matter


What an absolute mess. In the best way possible, of course. How does one even begin to describe Dark Matter. It’s an enthralling, utterly captivating, will melt your brain to nothing, kind of book. So in the spirit of that: my review too shall be a mess. 

Dark Matter follows one physics professor Jason Dessen. Jason is described as a smart fellow who once had the potential to do great things in the world of science. As a result, he often wonders about the path not taken. What could’ve happened had he not settled down, gotten married, and had a child? 

This is where the “Are you happy with your life?” comes in to play. 

Jason is abducted and taken into a parallel universe where he became a renowned scientist that would forever change not only one world but millions. Let me explain, in this parallel universe Jason invented a contraption that can transport you into whatever parallel universe you decide. This way, you can right your wrongs or eradicate any past regrets. This is called the multiverse. 

As the story progresses, readers alongside Jason, explore a universe that infinitely expands. The result? You become a grain of sand in an infinite beach. Suddenly, your own life no longer feels real. How many other versions of us exist? If Shakespeare said: “All the world’s a stage,/And all the men and women merely players;” then that stage is entrapped in a snowglobe in a factory of them. Trust me when I say this book will make you feel miniscule. 

The only gripe I really had with this story, and the reason I had to dock half a star, is you can tell the book is written by a man. As in, the women in this book are only used as tools for either sex, aid, or ultimate prize. I have yet to encounter a woman who behaves as either Daniela or his therapist, so yeah there’s that. Not to mention, mild spoiler, that in some parallel universes his love interest is killed to either make you sympathize with Jason or move the plot along. 

But besides that, as someone who doesn’t read a lot of Sci-Fi, I would definitely recommend this to any beginners who are itching to try the genre out. The plot is thrilling, action-packed, and I was definitely thrown for a loop with a couple of plot twists. Often, I critique a book either based on entertainment or merit/message. This book delivered on both fronts. It was a joy ride, yet it also made me question my own life. It makes you wonder how much emphasis you place on your decisions. Will those decisions correlate and ultimately add up to the life you want?

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