When Dimple Met Rishi

This was a momentous occasion in my reading life, because I self-proclaimed Misster Reader did not finish this book. Granted, I am still counting it as a read book, because I read the vast majority of it until I realized there really was no point in continuing. Originally, I thought I might force myself to finish this, but I don’t believe in masochismm and my precious track record for never DNFing a book, is simply not worth it. 

To be honest, I planned on writing an extensive review on why I didn’t like this book, but I just don’t want to waste any more time or energy on this book than I already have. Instead, I will do a quick run-through of all the things I did not care for or strongly disliked. 

  1. Dimple is one of the most (if not the most) judgmental characters I have ever had the displeasure to read from. 
  2. She puts herself on a pedestal simply because she thinks not wearing make-up, having short hair, and dressing in baggy clothes makes her original or some sort of feminist? 
  3. Which leads me to my next point: she has a misguided perception of what feminism is. Which in case anyone was wondering, does not include belittling or criticizing girls because they have an interest in their appearance, show skin, or pursue non male-dominated career fields. 
  4. I mean goodness gracious, the enemy is a blonde girl whose most atrocious act is dressing in promiscuous clothes that guys fawn over. The author’s choice to make a villain out of her only served to further contradict the supposed “feminist” message. 
  5. The dialogue omg the dialogue: cringe worthy at best.
  6. Also, how many times does someone need to mention the word “Aberzombies” in reference to the sucky jocks/popular crowd, is Abercrombie even still a thing?
  7. THIS REVOLVES AROUND A CODING APP. No, excuse me, this is supposed to revolve around a coding app. But you know what I read about for the majority of the book? Girl hate, kissing, more girl hate, oh and lets just throw in a talent show for the last third of the book, because that’s totally realistic for a prestigious CODING program. 
  8. The instalove…that’s it. 
  9. Rishi’s arrogance. 

There’s probably a whole lot more, but I can’t be bothered to think of anything else right now. I am aware of how nasty and negative this “review” is coming across as, but just know it’s all in good fun, and simply my way of venting over a book I couldn’t seem to fathom.

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