The Invention of Hugo Cabret


My first Selznick book down! 

This is such a beautiful and heartwarming story. Honestly, I wish I had read this when I was younger, because it feels like the type of story you become infatuated with as a kid. That being said, young adult me still thoroughly enjoyed this. In fact, it rid me of a slight reading slump I was going under.

What truly makes this story remarkable is its atmosphere. It’s captivating from the very first page, and continues to enchant you throughout. There were slight mishaps for me when it came to the plot, which was a bit shaky and repetitive at times, as well as the dialogue, which felt a tad overly romantic for children. However, I’ve pretty much excused those bits entirely, because as odd as it sounds the rules just don’t seem to apply to this book. It reads so much like a classic fairy tale (or even a silent film, pun intended!) that you can’t help but be forgiving of everything else. Not to mention those drawings and images! They completely enamored me to the story.ย 

Overall, it’s a lovely and wonderful tale and I can’t wait to jump into Selznick’s next works!

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