January Shop Update

Hello lovely missters!

It has admittedly been a bit of a minute since I last posted or updated you on anything. It seems to me that I always remember I have a blog at the beginning of each new year, and then forget about it all some time in May or June. At the very least I’m consistent with my inconsistency.

Anyways, I’m coming at you currently incapacitated in bed from a hiking trip gone awry. That’s what I get for trying to take a breather. Jokes aside, I’m fine I just can’t stand or walk with my injured foot for a bit. And because I can never seem to stay still I decided to browse around Misster Press, and came to the realization I have a lot of reviews in my drafts folder I apparently couldn’t be bothered to upload. (Sometimes I really am my own worst enemy)

That being said, I’ve spent the morning combing through them, and I’ve decided to schedule them so that you see an upload from me at least two to three times a week for the foreseeable future. I’m not quite sure if this is me announcing I’m fully relaunching MissterPress.com again, like I said I seem to have a five month cycle, but I would like to release the pieces I’ve already written since I am proud of them and they do bring a certain amount of joy. Plus, I missed you guys (aww shucks).

Also, I’ve been working tirelessly on my Etsy shop for (wow) the last two months (where does the time go?). I figured to keep me motivated about posting on here, and updating you guys semi-regularly, I could include a post every month about the new products in my shop. That way you’re all up to date and I get to gush about the projects I’m excited about. Win-Win, I think?

Anyways, without further ado, here are my new products for January:

Juice Carton Die Cut Stickers

I had so much fun creating the original juice stickers that I knew I had to bring in a new edition: and thus Grapeful was born!

Jam Die Cute Stickers

Like I said the juice cartons were just too much fun! So I came out with a line of jam punny stickers too! And I love them oh so very much.

Female Botany: Fun fact, this was actually one of my very first ideas for Misster Press. However, it required a lot of details, so I knew I wouldn’t be able to open the store with them, but I’m so glad they’re here now!

And of course new Masks! I realized I had a lot of Beige embroidered masks, and while those are certainly a favorite of mine, I know sometimes I’m missing something black to truly tie the outfit together. Thus came The Beatles and The Starry Night black linen face masks!

As for the Cottagecore Mushroom, I’ve seen how much love the Strawberry Mask has garnered, and so I’ve been brainstorming of ways to bring a new and similar mask into the store. Then it came to me and the Mushroom face mask was born!

It’s been such a pleasure seeing the Misster Press store grow a little more each day. I can’t describe the amount of joy I get from not only creating but packing orders. It truly feels like delivering love mail every week and I couldn’t be any more grapeful (see what I did there?) for the experience and the blessing it all has been.

Anyways, I definitely have a lot more up my sleeve (Valentines I’m looking at you). I was actually hoping to share some more today, but it’s rainy and gloomy in L.A., and I wasn’t able to take pictures for the rest of the listings (especially not with my current foot dilemma). However, I do plan on updating you guys much sooner than later with some other fun stuff.

Much love,


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