Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi


Can we talk about how slightly insane it is, that this was the biggest book of the year in 2018, and virtually no one’s talked about the sequel? It honest to goodness confounds me, and I’d like a deep and thorough investigation on the matter. Please and thank you.

Anyways, enjoy my review of the first book when it first came out:

I’d be lying if I said the hype didn’t get to me. In hindsight I think it would’ve been best to read this book once the hype had died a little bit more. I think that part of the reason it took me so long to read and finish Children of Blood and Bone was because I was afraid that my VERY unrealistic expectations wouldn’t be met. However, when I readjusted my expectations and tried to look at it through a new perspective (one that didn’t involve this book being the best thing that the world has to offer) I began to enjoy it more. 

I feel it’s important to address that the themes through out this book (as well as the representation) are incredibly poignant and needed in the world we currently live in. Regardless of anything else this book is an incredible feat for a debut author. The story is detailed and constructed and executed in a way that makes the plot progress at a constant pace. As you read this book, you can can tell that each word and sentence was chosen with select care and thought. 

Overall, I would say Children of Blood and Bone is a good book. That being said (please don’t crucify me) I’m not sure I agree with all the glorious reviews. As great as this book is, the first hundred pages dragged at times, there were moments when the plot felt too rigid, which left it without breathing room, and the romances were (in my opinion) unnecessary and weakened/undermined the overall story.

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