Anne of Green Gables

It’s been difficult to get in the groove of writing reviews again, so I’m keeping things short and simple as I have with my last four.

This was some nice wholesome fun! It’s a nice story with enjoyable turns, so I’m definitely glad I read it. I love Anne and all of her wonderful childish traits and shenanigans. Also, I’m in awe of Marilla, and she deserves more praise! Truthfully, I’m a sucker for a grinch with a big heart, and even though she’s not the easiest character to love you can tell how much effort and warmth lies beneath her hard shell.

However, there were some gripes I had with the story. I wasn’t a big fan of Montgomery’s progression of time. For a large portion of the book Anne is eleven/twelve years old and readers simply follow all her funny misfortunes. Then suddenly Anne starts growing up quickly all the way into 16? Personally this felt rushed. I was expecting the whole novel to cover a year, maybe two, of Anne’s life. I was not expecting to embark on a slow journey that suddenly sped up towards the end.

Secondly, the ending wasn’t to my taste. I didn’t appreciate how it was supposed to be a good natured tale, and then unexpectedly that ending came about.  It just wasn’t the story I had signed up for or lead to believe in.

Overall, I did honestly enjoy my time with this novel and am glad to have read it. There were just slight details I didn’t agree with. 

P.S. I decided to watch the first episode of “Anne With an E” on Netflix to fulfill a book and book to movie adaptation challenge, and I have to say I don’t think I’ll continue. I think the tone of the novel and that of the show are completely off base. Where the novel is upbeat fun, the show just capsulates every misfortune into a somber drama. I wanted an adaptation truthful to the “child at heart” vibe the book gave me :/

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