April Wrap-Up

Stats, data, and summaries: aka the geekiest part of my reading month. Before we start though let’s address the picture. I didn’t read The Unexpected Everything this month. However, I did read On The Come Up, but as I don’t have my physical copy with me, I swapped both books for the sake of the atheistic. Yes I’m 100% that person.

First, let’s get to the stats: 

  • I read 7 books in April, which in continuity to last month is low for me, but also fantastic considering what a hectic month it’s been. Perhaps this is my new normal. Truthfully, I’m trying and working on not equating my self-worth as a reader to the number of books I read in a month.
  • That totals up to 2,328 pages, which is an average of 333 pages per book. 
  • Of those 7 books, 6 were written by female authors and 1 was written by a male author. 
  • 3 were Adult and 4 were YA, which is definitely a step up from last month when I read 7 Adult vs. 1 YA.
  • Now onto genres: 1 Non-fiction, 2 Mystery/Thriller, 1 Fantasy/Paranormal, 2 Contemporaries (1 Romance and 1 Hard-Hitting Fiction), and at last 1 Manga. 
  • Finally, 3 five-star, 1 four-star, 3 three-star, and 1 two-star

Second, let’s get in my feelings and talk briefly about all the books I read from least to most liked:

Behind Her Eyes– ★★☆☆☆

Since this is a “mystery/thriller,” I’ll keep it brief in fear of spoilers.  Basically, I finished this quickly, which is what I feel a lot of us want from thrillers. That being said, I was aware there would be a supernatural plot twist, and I could’ve been fine with that, but to add an additional one back-to-back kind of ruined the whole thing for me. 

Before the Devil Breaks You – ★★★☆☆ 

Yeah, no, this was definitely my least favorite in the series. This series has meant so much to me in the past that my heart won’t allow a rating less than 3 stars, but honestly fresh off this felt like a 2 star enjoyment wise. I have an extended review up on the blog, but just know that I wish I could erase this sequel from my mind. In summary: characters acting OOC, disjointed plots, pointless digressions, and a particularly insensitive sexual assault scene.

Dreamin’ Sun Vol. 7 – ★★★☆☆

I don’t know if I’m outgrowing this series, or if this particular volume was bad, but man did this feel immature. Overall, the series is starting to drag for me and isn’t supplying the giddy feeling I’ve craved and experienced in previous installments.

The Simple Wild – ★★★★☆ (3.75)

I’d heard so many great things about this one, and I’m glad it didn’t disappoint! Tucker managed to write a well-rounded and wholesome story despite most people classifying this as a sole romance. To be honest, the romance was actually my least favorite part of the plot. Where this really shines for me is in the family dynamics and personal growth from the MC.

For Every One – ★★★★★

This is exactly what I needed. In fact, it’s exactly what everyone needs at any point in time. It’s a short (30 minutes max) pep talk to all the dreamers out there. No, you do not need to be an artist or have an affinity to the arts to be a dreamer. If you have a goal, whether short-term or longterm, small or big, this is for you. It is encouraging and understanding. It is a warm hug that lets you know you are not alone so go ahead and dream.

On The Come Up – ★★★★★

Remember when I didn’t pick this up because I thought I’d hate it? What a dumb harlot. On The Come Up is everything you hope to get from an Angie Thomas novel. It’s real and gritty in a way most YA novels seem to lack, but thankfully are starting to shift to. Despite the tough themes at hand, there is still a lot of fun and heart in the story. The family dynamic is there at full-front and the raps are beyond fire (coming from someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy that genre of music).

Miracle Creek – ★★★★★

I am in awe. Absolutely floored. I don’t say any of this lightly. This was absolutely remarkable. Forget the fact this is a debut novel: this holds its own ground in being phenomenal. There are layers upon layers of issues discussed in this novel, and they are all masterfully brought up and explored. Seriously, I could write a love letter to this novel. However, I’ll keep it brief here and say it discusses everything from autism, what it means to be a mother, immigration, foreign family dynamics, sexual assault, and oh so much more. I cannot commend the author and her writing enough for this wonderful feat of work.

Wow, what an odd mix for a reading month. I’ll be honest and say the first two thirds of the reading month were torturous. Reading felt like a chore and the end product wasn’t rewarding at all, but towards the end I found my groove and alongside that some true gems. I hope you all had a lovely reading month in April, and that it only continues to be greater in May. If there are any books you loved or hated in April feel free to rant/comment down below! 

3 thoughts on “April Wrap-Up

  1. The picture is so cute so aesthetically pleasing! 💛 I’m glad you finally got to get some good reading done by the end of April ^_^ I read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo in April and BOY DO I LOVE THAT BOOK. Easily one of my favorite all time reads 💖 Other than that wasn’t feeling any other book, got in a mild bookslump and trying to get back to my reading groove 😀 I’m going to take part in Asian readathon this month so I’m super excited for that! Hope May turns out to be a lovely reading month for you as well 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here! Absolutely adore that gem❤️ I’m sorry you’re feeling slumpish, but I think participating in a readathon is a great call 🙂 Something about feeling a sense of community, as well as having a TBR that’s easier to pick based on a theme, is incredibly motivating ✨Here’s to your reading month in May🥳

      Liked by 1 person

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