Alex, Approximately


And yet again I find myself on the unpopular side of the spectrum *sighs* 

Honestly, I had high hopes for this one. I’ve been reading a lot of fantasy and generally depressing contemporaries, so my heart wanted a break to gush and blush like a schoolgirl. Sadly, this book did not deliver on that front. 

First, let’s talk about what I liked: Up until the last third of the novel the characters were good at being direct. They openly asked one another if they liked each other, which was refreshing for a YA novel. There wasn’t any of the whole ”Oh my, I wonder why he’s talking to me?” bs. Instead, the characters would actually think “Oh he’s hanging out with me because he has a crush on me.”

However, that’s about all I liked. One of my main problems was how immature the characters came off. Sure, they were sexually mature and more or less talked about sex and masturbation openly, but when it came to dialogue? My eyes might as well have been taped to the ceiling. The dialogue was so corny not only for the teens, but the adults as well. Like I seriously question whether Bennett has ever had a conversation with a grown up or been a teenager at all. At first I excused it because I thought Oh this was written in like 2005– aka corn city central–but y’all this came out in 2017!LIKE SERIOUSLY WHAT? 

Then there were the characters. Pretty much everyone was flat as Columbus thought the world was. If you switch the character tags for most of the dialogue, I promise you you wouldn’t blink an eye. That’s how vanilla these people are. And can we talk about how all the “sketchy” people in this novel were black? The girl who sells drugs had dreadlocks, the guy who was going to sell Bailey’s bike was black, and I was not here for it. Pretty much the only bad person who wasn’t black was Davy, and he’s villainized from day one for being a drug addict. The author sure made a point of showing he has zero redeeming qualities, because he’ll do anything to score some quick cash and drugs. I won’t get into any of the stuff Porter does in response, in fear of spoiling you, but what a lousy friend. 

Speaking of Porter and how lousy he is, um the sexist comment he laughed at? No, you don’t get a pass by saying it was nervous tick. It kills me this is targeted for an impressionable audience, because ladies if a guy everencourages, even if all he does is keep quiet, someone being sexist toward you, then dump him. Yes, it is indeed that simple. There are no excuses. You’re partner should always support you and stick up for you. 

Anyways, at this point I’m only ranting, so I’ll leave it at that. I will say that I don’t see myself picking something up from Bennet in the future.

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