March Wrap Up

I am one for stats, data, and summaries, so welcome to my kink y’all.

I’ll preface this by saying that as I am starting out on this blog adventure I don’t have individual reviews up yet. However, don’t fret they will be going up as soon as I can, and once I do I’ll link them. But you know, you can also follow the blog to get notifications….

Yes. We all love a good shameless plug every now and then.

Anyways, let’s get to the stats:

  • I read 8 books in March, which is low for me but also fantastic considering what a hectic month it was at work.
  • That totals up to 2,944 pages, which is an average of 368 pages per book.
  • Of those 8 books, 5 were written by female authors and 3 were written by male authors.
  • Wow. 7 were Adult fiction and only 1 was YA fiction. I usually don’t consider that stat, so it’s a bit of a shock to me. Although, I guess I have been gravitating more toward adult lately. Ideally, I’d like it to be 50/50.
  • Let’s see: 2 Non-fiction, 1 Mystery, 1 Sci-Fi, 3 Contemporaries (2 Romance and 1 Hard-Hitting Fiction), and at last 1 Historical Fiction.
  • Finally, 2 five-star, 1 four-star, 4 three-star, and 1 two-star.

Now, I’ll do a brief summary of my feelings on each book in order of least to most favorite:

Alex, Approximately – ★★☆☆☆

This was without a doubt my least favorite of the month. I had high hopes to binge on some corny romance for my cold little heart, but sadly this didn’t deliver in the slightest. There was a lot of that classic *coughs* pointless *coughs* miscommunication that seems to trail romance books. This combatted with how flat and immature the characters were only resulted in a frustrating and mostly boring read. Also, the love interest was trash, which kills me since this book is targeted to an impressionable audience.

Beartown – ★★★☆☆

Out of all my ratings for this month, this is the one I feel the guiltiest for. Despite the fact that three star reviews aren’t inherently bad, books of a sensitive nature have a way of haunting me when I don’t give them four or five stars. However, if we’re looking at this from an objective point of view, I found that the book dragged and therefor weighed down the author’s message. Additionally, I felt like the rape victim was never given a personality beyond her unfortunate circumstance.

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed – ★★★☆☆

This was my first Non-Fiction in a while and what a treat it was. Truthfully, the first half of this novel gets five stars. It’s engrossing and structured in a way that pulls you in and makes you forget you’re not in a fictional world. That being said, the latter half took a messy turn. The excerpts started to correlate less and less, and the message became a bit muddled. However, I still would definitely recommend you pick this up. Ronson does a good job of making you reflect on past decisions and contributions to online lynchings. It certainly changed my perspective for the better.

One True Loves – ★★★☆☆

This was my first Taylor Jenkins Reid novel since The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and although I was aware this was an earlier piece of work, I still managed to be disappointed by the lack of nuance and development. I can definitely appreciate the conversation it starts about how your “soulmate” now might not be the same “soulmate” for your future self. However, I don’t think the missing husband side plot was necessary for the conversation.

The Likeness – ★★★★☆

Listen, this is a lengthy monster but man did I have a good time. It’s the kind of book that delves you into the psyche of every character just for the sake of getting a better understanding of them. Could this have been shorter? Absolutely. But somehow French excels in being wordy and making you thank her for it. I’m not sure the payoff was necessarily there, but I mostly enjoy French’s mysteries for the pleasure of reading more about her characters than figuring out who don’ it.

Daisy Jones & The Six – ★★★☆☆

Ah, this is a controversial one. I realize that I’ve ranked a three star higher than a four star, but that’s because of the many complicated feelings I experienced. For entertainment value I would easily give this five starts. There has not been a day since I read this that I haven’t thought about Daisy Jones. However, critically speaking I don’t this should’ve been published. The two main reasons being, that one; it’s only entertaining as an audiobook (with a large cast of voice actors to bring the story to life), and two; it more or less copies real lives and a real band. I’m not sure I can give merit to the creativity or development of this work when it’s only fiction because of a few changed names and events.

Dark Matter – ★★★★★

*4.5 stars. I don’t read Sci-Fi almost at all, but jeez this made me want to make it a priority. Dark Matter has it all: thrill, action, mind-bending, and even a bit of heart. It makes you feel insignificant in a universe that is terrifyingly a lot larger than us and our planet. Additionally, it’s made me more conscious to put emphasis on my every action. Really, the only gripe I had was the undertone of sexism as every woman was only a tool for the MC to use.

Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body – ★★★★★

This absolutely broke my heart. Quite honestly it should be required reading. There’s a lot to learn from Gay about diet culture, inclusivity, and how there’s so much more behind a body than its weight on a scale. I cannot express how important and empowering the vulnerability, honesty, and brutal rawness that is present in this book is.

Well that’s it. That was my first Wrap-Up on my blog! I hope you all had a lovely reading month in March, and that it only continues to be greater in April 🙂

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