April TBR

Hello lovely readers! Man, where did the time go? Nevertheless, April insisted on arriving, and I begrudgingly made her a TBR. So before I start let’s get a couple of things out of the way.

  1. My TBRs are broken up into two sections. The first being books I’m excited to get to, and the second being picks from my TBR Jar. What’s my TBR jar? I’ll probably make a separate post for that, but essentially I randomly pick out two or three titles out of a list of books I own, and then force myself to read them. If I don’t end up getting to it, then I unhaul it. Mostly, I use it as a clean up system. Meaning, I make sure older titles are getting attention, and I’m not just letting the books on my shelf gather dust.
  2. On average I read about ten books a month. I like making a TBR of around eight to give myself some breathing room for mood reads. I should probably preface that I’m not strict with my TBR. It’s fun to plan my reading ahead, but if I’m not feeling it then I’ll change things up without a problem. I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t take this list too seriously haha.

Now, let’s get to the TBR picks first:

I decided to keep it at two books this month since both of these are 500+ pages.

  • The Unexpected Everything : Ah a Morgan Matson book. So far I’ve read three of her previous novels and found them to be a bit lack luster if I’m honest. They’re simple quick reads but I do feel they lack a certain substance. Although, I’ve heard from several people that this is her best, so that does make me hopeful. Plus, who doesn’t love dogs?
  • The Heart’s Invisible Furies: I’m not going to lie, the size of this book terrifies me. That being said, I am excited yet nervous to get to this one. If you didn’t know, John Boyne wrote one of my all-time favorite books titled A Ladder to The Sky. I don’t know much about this one except that it’s historical fiction, involves gays, and is set in Ireland. But honestly, I’m desperate to name Boyne my favorite author, so I don’t need to know much.

And now books I’m excited to get to:

  • Everything All At Once : I heard ChelseaDolling Reads raving about this one along with most other Katrina Leno books. When I saw this on BookOutlet, I figured why not? Also, please subscribe to her if you haven’t already she’s a national treasure.
  • For Every One: I love A Long Way Down by Mr. Reynolds, so this was another must buy. Not to mention that it’s more or less a pep talk for dreamers, which I’m always in the need of.
  • Dreamin’ Sun Vol. 7 : Not much to say except that I’m trash for this manga series. It’s corny, probably underdeveloped, but every now and then ya girl needs to get on a corny grind.
  • Miracle Creek : My Book of the Month pick! Honestly, this sounds angsty, twisted, and sure to get me in the feels. Sign me up!
  • Before The Devil Breaks You : My beloved Buzzfeed Unsolved meets Great Gatsby YA series. I’d eat dirt for this gang. That’s no joke. I’ve been holding off on reading the third installment since the fourth doesn’t come out in years. But y’all, I couldn’t resist. It’s time.
  • Behind Her Eyes :I haven’t read a mystery/thriller in a hot minute, so a quick fix is needed.

Should we make it a game and bet how many of these will end up in my wrap-up? Mmm maybe not. I’m not sure I’m ready for that level of roasting quite yet.

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