TBT: The Little Prince Review


My first #ThrowbackThursday is my very first review of 2019. This review, like the book, means a lot to me, because it helped me heal and grow in a time when I felt my life was ending:

For most of my life (nearly 19 years to be exact) I was fortunate enough to never have been touched by grief. That changed for me in December of 2018. I had a small beautiful angel of a dog named Bella. If you’re not an animal lover/dog person this will be hard to understand. But Bella was my best friend. She was a constant in my life for four and a half beautiful years. She was my emotional support, aid in my mental health, and sole support when I felt alone in the world. For reasons that I’ll never know she was taken from me in a car accident. Since then I’ve struggled in ways I never thought possible.

You see, grief is an incomprehensible burden. It never leaves you, not truly, there are days in which you’re able to appreciate the light in life, but that bit of darkness remains inside. You’re forced to keep moving and fill the vacant spots those dear to us used to fill, because life stops for no one. It’s not an illness, there are no set symptoms, and it’s mostly a lonely endeavor, so it’s hard to make those close to you understand.

That being said, this book made me feel less alone. I can’t put into concise words just what it did for me, but I can say that at the very least it made me feel understood, and at most it’s helped me cope. I don’t think I’ve cried this much (if ever) while reading, but I’m thankful for the Little Prince and the warm gift it’s given me.

If you or someone you know is mourning or struggling, I strongly urge you to get this little gem. Know that you’re not alone even if it seems that way.

2 thoughts on “TBT: The Little Prince Review

  1. TBH I have heard a lot of people talk about this book but I never got a chance to pick it up. It does look like something I would really enjoy reading. To have that sort of connection to a book is amazing and your review makes me want to pick it up ASAP. Wonderful post! 🙂


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